The Reality of Motherhood

We have been witnessing a growing trend in women not desiring to be mothers. One of the top reasons women give for this is how they believe a child would affect them accomplishing their dreams.

I have been pondering this a lot recently since I personally have big dreams I want to accomplish in life. Accomplishing these dreams brings me happiness and I am greatly focused on accomplishing them as I have been since I was a teenager. 

I have had a growing realisation of something more inside of me, however. Yesterday I was watching a romantic movie and it made me cry at the end, especially seeing how the couple’s romance influenced the futures of two children they decided to adopt.

The ending was just so beautiful and I was left in a puddle of tears. Something touched me on a deep level. I have never really cried over my dreams, although I have experienced moments of ecstatic excitement as I am seeing them become a reality. But something about romantic movies and children always gets me.

Growing up as a teenager, it was not my number one goal to get married and have a family. I was focused on my career goals, and spent all of my time studying to be successful in that. 

Now, however, I am recognizing that something deeper inside of me is being awakened. I have always seen myself getting married and being a mother, but now there seems to be a deeper desire and vision for it inside of me.

I am sharing this because I think this is true of many women today. Our culture praises the girl boss kind of woman, but is it missing something – what about the beauty of being a mother? 

And I still believe that you can be an incredible mom and achieve the dreams in your heart too. In fact, there are many women who are prime examples of this.

Elina Svitolina, a Ukrainian tennis player, recently beat Venus Williams, five-time Wimbledon champion, in the first round of the women’s singles at Wimbledon and is now through to the quarter final! Although this accomplishment is amazing, it is even more incredible when you hear that Elina gave birth to a beautiful baby girl last October! What is more interesting, though, is what she has to say about it. 

An article recently published about this on was entitled, “Svitolina has found new lease of life after becoming a mother” Svitolina went on to say that she is motivated more than ever and playing at her best after giving birth and her achievements since becoming a mom certainly reflect this. 

I believe that being a mother is something that is a desire in most of us as women, even if it is buried somewhere beneath achievements, waiting to be awakened. I believe it is one of the greatest things that brings joy to our lives as women. Children are nothing short of beautiful and they make us better, by stretching and pushing us to be our best. 

Svitolina is not the only woman who is sharing how becoming a mother has motivated her more than ever.

Kelly Clarkson, singer and songwriter, said that becoming a mother made her next level confident.

Drew Barrymore, actress and producer, said that her favourite thing about being a mom is how it makes you a better person on a daily basis.

Jennifer Lopez, summed it all up beautifully by saying, ‘When I had my children and I felt that type of love, which I know you understand and every mom understands, it made me understand that there was a purity to love. That there is an unconditional love.’

Beyoncé Knowles shared this, ‘My daughter introduced me to myself…the connection I had with her when I was giving birth was something that I’ve never felt before.’

‘I thank God every day for giving me the opportunity to parent,’ said Maria Shriver.

Motherhood is special. It is something to be celebrated and supported. It is something to be thankful for if you are already a mom and something to dream about for the future if you aren’t. 

At L.I.F.E. Girls Hub, we always want to celebrate motherhood and support mothers, especially mothers who are facing an unplanned pregnancy.

Check out our pregnancy hub for resources if you are struggling. We are here for you and want no woman to feel alone in pregnancy. 🤍

Grace Youngson, Founder of L.I.F.E. Girls Hub

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