Top Tips for Landing Your Next Job

Are you struggling to find a new job? Especially if you are a single mom, you may be feeling more of a financial burden. Let’s talk about our top tips on how to land your next job:

  1. Consider what is most important to you. Firstly, distance. The closer your place of employment, the easier it will be to get to and from and the less time and money you will spend traveling. Typically, online job websites have a radius that you can set when looking at employers. Start from home, or school or wherever you spend most of your time and set a comfortable radius for a daily commute. Secondly, the amount of hours. Are you looking for something part-time or full-time? What fits your schedule?
  2. Consider how you can save money. Transportation can be a big cost. Depending on the size of the city, public transportation may be a possibility and a great one to boot! Most average monthly bus passes cost about the same as filling up with gas for one tank! You could even bike to work as well and get your exercise in while making money!
  3. Utilize online tools for finding a job. Both the internet and job posting websites are great tools to find employment. Make sure they are safe, reputable websites though. Put together a resume and save it in a pdf file so you can attach it to the job posting. If you don’t have a resume, you can find many useful templates online where you can simply enter your information in the blanks. Be patient, with every step you are closer to the next work adventure! 
  4. Utilize relationships and the community around you. Who do you know? Some of your friends may know someone who is hiring. You can also go to your community resource center, local library or grocery store. They usually have bulletin boards in the front of the store with all kinds of useful information. Find the inside scoop about the area, something may spark your interest and begin a whole new career path you had not considered. The locals always know who needs help and is hiring. Put yourself out there so employers know you are interested in open positions – visit your local coffee shop and ask if they are hiring. Networking is what makes the business world go ‘round. If you don’t have contacts, then make some. People are everywhere, people know people, and you want to know people. 
  5. Be confident! It may seem awkward at first to put yourself out there, however, the more confident you are the more at ease you will become. Smile, stand tall, and say hello. You just might be shaking the hand of your next employer! 

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